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There’s an interesting irony to changing the way you are valued. The more you get groups of people to lift their opinion of your value, the easier it will be for individuals. That’s because each customer makes an individual decision about how valuable you are to them - based on their personal priorities, attitudes, expectations and experiences. However, if enough people value you in a particular way, then it becomes much easier to gain wider acceptance.

The reverse is also true. If only a few people undervalue your business, that’s just part of being in business. But once that group grows beyond a certain size, then more and more people will be inclined not to value you.

It’s what we call critical mass. The bigger the mass of people, the more likely they are to be critical – for or against you.

So, it’s very important for the long term success of any repositioning project that you align two things:

  • affinity (the personal value that each customer assigns to you) and
  • reputation (the way you are valued by a wider  community).

At The Audacity Group, we study these dynamics very carefully as part of identifying answers to the problem you believe you face. Wherever possible, we use a range of sources (interviews, staff meetings, independent research) to check who has concerns and how consistent the viewpoints are. We weigh up very carefully individual opinions and collective impressions.

Our approach is thorough and highly consultative. This is your business, and our role is to help you articulate and achieve the ambitions you set for yourselves. We understand the pressures senior decision makers work under. You’re accountable for your actions and your decisions, and our approach revolves around giving you responsible and effective solutions intended to resolve the situation your find yourself in.

We bring open minds to every project. We listen to everything we are told carefully and objectively. We sift and sort opinions, facts and anecdotes – and we check back with you continually to ensure that what we are hearing and understanding is plausible.

We don’t expect to execute or supervise all the changes that may be needed. But we are more than happy to co-operate and co-ordinate with other specialists, and to provide them with inputs and advice that they may need to complete their work.

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