Chances are you’re currently worth what you’re worth, because of what you have collectively believed and done up until now. In other words, your marketing history has brought you to where you are. And it will continue to take you down the same path unless you recognise, regroup and revitalise.

At the same time, changing market demands, commoditisation, new technologies and the behaviours and initiatives of your rivals (direct and indirect) will all affect your ability to compete effectively.

Three things need to shift

If you find yourselves undervalued, under threat or overlooked, chances are three things need to shift:

  • you need to change your reading of the market
  • you need to alter how people think about you – but at the same time, capitalise on your strengths
  • you need to transform how you understand yourselves – whilst celebrating and enshrining all that you currently do very well 

There are any number of companies out there promising to re-market you, or show you off in the best light. But in most cases, spending more money on more of your current marketing won’t fix market perception. In fact, it may just  make it worse. And simply changing tack, without thinking through the implications, could easily compound the confusion.

The Audacity Group’s approach is to first change the mindset with which you compete. By addressing why you need to change before we look at “to what?” or “how?”, we get to the nub of why you’re not seen and valued the way you want to be. And by probing the ambitions and aspirations of your customers and prospects, we identify what they’re really looking for that they haven’t seen yet.

The six shapeshifting success factors

We believe there are six critical success factors to systematically evolving the way you value yourselves and the way you are valued. Here's what they are - and what we do about them:

  1. See where the market is going (read the market for all it’s worth): We find out what the market really, really wants from companies in your sector, the things they want to see more of, and the stuff that happens that really pisses them off. That pretty quickly leads to “what’s the big opportunity here? What’s going to make customers go “I’ll buy that”?

  2. Deliver what your customers most want (deliver delight): We identify what’s forcing you to compete like everyone else. Then we work with you to break “the  rules” in order to win interest and loyalty.

  3. Celebrate your strengths (feel the pride): No-one likes change, and it’s stupid to believe that everything has to change. We develop approaches that keep you doing what you’re terrific at. We look to build on your core excellence.

  4. Know the journey (love the goal): We create a vision for where you will be. We ask what it should be like to do business with you, why it’s not and what can be done about that. And we include measurement frameworks that allow you to monitor your progress against agreed metrics.

  5. Be inspiring (motivate from the inside): We look at how you understand yourselves as a business and what it’s going to take to achieve a “kick arse” culture where your people feel even more involved, inspired, motivated, and competitive.

  6. Make some noise (let it on out): Once you have made changes, it’s vital you let the  market know about ‘the new you’ in ways that shift attitudes and get them talking. That way, you can start closing the sales you want sooner.

The pace at which we work is driven by the urgency of your situation and how many people internally you want to engage. We offer you a range of approaches that allow you, for instance, to establish a working group and get started almost immediately or take a more inclusive approach and involve a wider range of stakeholders. Each approach has its benefits.

What's going to work best for you? Call us today on +64 4 801 7720 or email us to find out more.