Competing successfully
for the business, the people
and the recognition you value

Since 2003, The Audacity Group has been helping organisations across diverse sectors to  significantly reshape how they can compete - from changing the way you are valued as an organisation through our THINKMANSHIP programme to re-evaluating your current position, attitudes and actions in workshops to revising how you articulate your worth in order to win the business you want.

Depending on what’s required, and your timeframes, you can hire us on a daily or project rate to help you get the results you’re looking for.

THINKMANSHIP – Plug in The Audacity Group’s full shapeshifting approach

Systematically changing what people see in you is invariably prompted by a particular problem that is adversely affecting how you are positioned.  As we’ve said elsewhere, changing how you are positioned involves two things: understanding why you are where you are; and quantifying the changes in mindset and approach needed to put you in a more advantageous light.

Our THINKMANSHIP approach is measured, progressive, and accountable. It follows a five stage process that allows you to focus on what’s affecting you right now and then, over time, use the momentum of a change in mindset to methodically rethink potential right across the business.

The great strength of the THINKMANSHIP approach is that it drives towards defined goals. We  look to make the changes needed to lift your market worth by an agreed amount over a set period of time. Measurement frameworks, instigated from early on, ensure you can accurately  monitor your value-changing performance.

Recent work has included a major initiative in the education sector on this side of the Tasman, and strategies in the property and insurance industries in Australia. We’re happy to provide you with a proposal that covers what, how, when and how much.

Talking: Use The Audacity Group’s proven workshop sessions to identify and resolve problems

Depending on the timeframes you’re working to, you may or may not have time to consult fully. For companies wanting to identify and resolve problems in a more face-to-face way, we offer a range of workshops designed to get to the nub of the matters you need to address.

Workshops are a great way to realign your collective headspace. They can be particularly useful if you have something specific that you want to tackle or if you want to get other people onside, for example, before signing up to our more involved THINKMANSHIP approach.

Here are three examples of the workshops we run:

  1. Worldview – Call your crusade. This one day workshop will help you nail why you come to work. Great for senior teams looking to galvinise their people behind a simple and compelling cause.

  2.  TURN – Hope is not a strategy. This four-part workshop is for partnerships, practices and businesses looking to systematically expand their market presence.

  3. Thought breaking – Break the mental stalemate. A workshop for companies looking to find new ways forward by challenging the conventions and assumptions that keep holding them back. Use this workshop to re-energise your strategic  planning process or to inform your innovation programme.

Our workshops are carefully structured but deliberately informal. They use a combination of proposition, enquiry and discussion to cover a lot of ground in a relatively short period of time, and to encourage people to express themselves openly and clearly. Opinions and findings are captured throughout the sessions, analysed for patterns and common themes, and then fed back to the project sponsors either as a presentation and/or in a report.

Recently, we've been working with the senior management team and the wider national leadership team of a major retail corporate to redefine their vision and purpose in the light of a new trading environment. We've also helped a major player in the construction sector to redefine how they frame their client relationship programme.

Story-telling: Express the value of what you offer in a whole new way

Language plays a critical part in helping your customers and the wider market value you differently.Here are some of the ways we draw on language to help change how the market values you.

  • Brand story: What is your greatest belief as a company, and why does that distinguish you clearly and singularly from your competitors? We work with you to find that belief and then  capture your new philosophy and accompanying key messages in a narrative form that really helps stakeholders understand where you’re going – and why. A powerful tool for internal culture building and for informing investors, regulators and other stakeholders.

  • Language strategy: A language strategy helps you build a complete branded language, allowing you to take ownership of specific ideas and to articulate yourselves in a distinctive way in all communications. We'll help you develop and evolve a language that reflects the new you, then work with you to feed that lexicon into every aspect of your communications. There are three key components:

  1. The language itself – key language concepts that you have the opportunity to ‘own’

  2. Guidelines for how various types of communication might be structured, including examples based on what has been used historically

  3. A detailed, specific, day-long workshop for internal communicators (and your external suppliers) that really helps everyone involved - commissioners, writers and evaluators – see your communications through your distinctive brand lens.

  •  Motivation Map: This tool was developed specifically by Audacity for organisations looking to communicate regularly and effectively with their customers throughout a defined sales process. A Motivation Map draws on all the key language-influencing factors in your brand to  deliver a detailed, customer-specific template for effective, content-rich communications at key touchpoints of your sales process and after-care. One  particular project in Australia saw us completely transition the  previously manual processes used to communicate with customers to online.

  • The communications themselves: We write advertising and direct marketing communications, both B2B and B2C. We write websites. We develop and produce internal communications. We've worked on annual reports for publicly listed companies on both sides of the Tasman in the media, logistics, entertainment, aviation, beverage, insurance, banking, energy, property, retail and agricultural sectors, amongst others.

Pitchforking: Reshape how you sell yourselves to win the business you want 

Pitching is a reality for many high-stakes projects, and yet a remarkable number of companies basically leave winning to chance. We help you identify the projects you want to gain, and to ensure your company is in the strongest position possible to contend for that business.

We've helped develop sizeable pitches in the energy, retail, government and property sectors. We can help you work on your pitching in general, particular aspects of your approach that you feel need work,  or an actual pitch for a piece of business. Invariably, this work will prompt you to consider how competitively positioned you are to win more of the work you want. 

Call us today on +64 4 801 7720 or email us when you're ready to change how people value you, and what they value you for.