from your
market history

Misunderstanding will kill you – or at the very least compromise you. If you’re seen as cheap, you’ll find it hard to raise your prices. If you’re seen as big but nothing else, you’ll really have to work to convince customers that they can have a one on one relationship with you. If you seem to be just another supplier in your area, particularly if that area is chock-full of competitors, then you’ll have a hard job trying to convince anyone that you’re special – or that you’re worth more than anyone else.

Your market history will repeat if you let it

The problem is often just not your current market reputation. Because in most cases that reputation is the sum total of your market history.

Your real problems may revolve around how you got the market reputation you now have - how you’ve worked, what you’ve been offering, how you’ve acted, how you’ve come to think about yourselves, what you’ve led others to believe about you. And what you haven’t done. Sometimes for months. Sometimes for years. The shape you've let yourselves get into.

Every day that your market history is left unchanged, it becomes more entrenched. Our answers focus on what you’re going to do about those things: how you’re going to redefine and shift how your company thinks, works and acts .

Step by step, measure by measure

The Audacity Group doesn't leave results to chance. From very early on, we look to instigate measurement frameworks that ensure you can accurately monitor changes in how you are valued. Specifically, we agree how far you need to shift away from your market history in order to achieve the market reputation you want.

 We continue to monitor your progress against clear targets, working with you to continue to fine-tune both your actions and metrics. As you make strong progress, we capitalise on the market’s and your own changing understanding. If things don’t go to plan, we examine why understanding is not changing as far or as decisively as planned. And we help you take the steps needed to fix it.

 The great strength of The Audacity Group's THINKMANSHIP appoach is that it drives towards defined goals. We  look to make the changes needed to lift your market worth by an agreed amount over a set period of time. THINKMANSHIP is mind-bending (in the sense of how much it changes how you think about the business) but it is also disciplined, responsive, practical and very, very competitive.

You set the pace

You can apply The Audacity Group's THINKMANSHIP in full to the issues you face, or you can select only those parts that match your needs and budgets. We offer fast-track options, through our workshops for example, for those in a hurry, and more considered approaches for those who are more inclusive or whose issues are more complex or widespread. We can also deal with a more immediate issue first, before coming back to look at the bigger picture.

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