where have the
goalposts gone?

Many businesses still think that the way to get ahead in this increasingly competitive world is to do more of what they've always done. So they work harder, discount harder, advertise harder, produce more. And they're absolutely astonished to discover that their net competitiveness doesn't change.

Our phone goes when people say “enough’s enough”; when they decide that the real way forward is to encourage a new understanding of who they are using our value-changing approach. Amazing things accompany such breakthrough thinking: clarity around direction; a consistent framework for competitive decisions; purposeful actions; and common goals based on a shared vision.

Thought-breaking answers

We start with this question: “How much must you change before things change for you?” Then we work with you to arrive at perspectives for your business that are  distinctive, practical, deliberate and that change your value potential. Armed with these outlooks, you can focus on capitalising on your strengths in order to delight your customers, out-perform your rivals and lift your people.

As a general rule, we're looking to resolve the two issues that most businesses face when they are uncompetitively positioned:

  • What does the market really understand about you?
  • And  therefore - how do your customers, competitors and your own staff rate your worth?

To get it right you've got to be good at reading the tea leaves: at locating what you must keep, and spotting the tell-tale patterns of a pervading attitude or suite of attitudes (internal or external) that are doing you no favours. The answers have to be positive, proactive and specific to that set of circumstances. Here are some of the questions people ask us.

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